When supplying a wedding we offer a seasonally changing cocktail menu with emphasis on our very own craft liqueurs, wild herbal syrups and Cornish craft beers. If our frozen yoghurt doesn’t tempt you, we do offer one house-made soup or snack board to keep hunger at bay.

Our ‘Hedgerow Local’ makes for a magical afternoon escapement for anyone wanting to journey into delicious Cornish flavours. From 25-50ml straight measures of pure liqueur joy, either served over ice (or not!) to ‘Hedgerow Royal’s’* served with Camel Valley or Prosecco, we will help to make your wedding guests feel special.

All our drinks can be offered as small take-home gifts to remember the day by.

Please do get in touch to discuss your wishes for the big day.

S L O E   G I N

Our Sloe Gin is handcrafted in small batches, using hand picked, wild sloes. The intense sloe flavour of this classic drink has been our objective, where the fruit is the predominant flavour, retaining the tartness of this wonderful berry.


Strength: 25%

Fruit: Sloe Berries

Variety: Prunus spinosa

Grower: Wild, not cultivated

County: Cornwall, Dorset

50 cl: £22     20 cl: £11  

B L A C K C U R R A N T   &


Here at the Hedgerow we love to mix with Camel Valley Champagne or Prosecco with this liqueur for a Cornish take on a Kir Royal. Delicious on its own or with cheese or even used to marinate duck or we’ve added it to red cabbage!

Strength: 24%

Fruit: Blackcurrant

Variety: Ribes nigrum

County: Cornwall

50 cl: £22     20 cl: £11

B L A C K B E R R Y   W H I S K E Y 

Made in small batches with English blackberries, this unique country liqueur captures the soft, rounded characteristics of blackberries with a buttery finish.

Delicious poured over ice straight from the bottle. Try mixing with honey and hot water for a warming nightcap.


Strength: 25%

Fruit: Rubus fruticosus

Variety: ‘Loch Ness’ AGM

Source: UK

50 cl: £22     20 cl: £11