Hedgerow wanted to explore the British music and food festivals, seeing them as an opportunity to experiment with flavour combinations, ingredients and ways to communicate with our foodie friends. In the last few years, both mainstream and specialist events are putting chefs and pop-up restaurants on the line-up with the bands, so the emphasis on creative cuisine is bigger than ever. It is so important for us to understand who will buy from us, what they love and what they don’t like so much. Not to mention to see lovely happy faces with brilliantly quirky, sincere or excited comments… lots of whom came back for 2nds, 3rds and 4th’s

Getting ready for the festival season Hedgerow needed not just to look the part but really shine out in the crowds bearing in mind we would be selling to an audience of up to 32,000 people and fully aware the competition would be strong. I wanted to show you the process from a little sketch on paper (had to start somewhere) to the stand itself, so here it is…

generating ideas – can’t imagine why there is a stickman waving his/her arms in the air.



 The dream was to create an inviting, bold, colourful stand with echoes of the Hedgerow logo. Using my limited knowledge on SketchUp we designed a basic outlay showing where we wanted the logo, blackboards and entrance.


Deciding that scaffolding would be the safest option in high winds at festivals.
After a long day and the midges had started to eat us we have the mainframe!

Deciding that scaffolding would be the safest option in high winds at festivals we had to work out all the dimensions, including a marquee to fit inside, so we could take the computer generated model to a scaffolding company (Deborah Services near Truro) who were very patient with us and explained what we would need and how to put it together. A few days later they had cut everything to size and gave us a diagram and a even a free ratchet! We spent most of the day in the baking sun trying to figure it all out, lots of standing around trying to work it all out. It was like some giant 3D abstract jigsaw.

The next stage was somehow attaching the logo so it was big enough to see from a distance and safely hanging the blackboards. We needed to hide any view of scaffolding as I’m not certain the company can get away with an ‘industrial’ look. We found some bamboo matting, willow fencing, plywood, paint and hooks. It sounds wonderfully simple but I can assure you, it meant standing around for hours in DIY shops, scribbling sketches, comparing sizes of hooks, nails, screws, washers. I think you get the picture.

I uploaded my logo into Illustrator to turn it into a Vector image so I could send it to a company (FibreFusion) to cut it out on a CNC cutter. It was really fun to watch it come to life.

And finally here are the photos of the last few bits…


The final look at Camp Bestival in the Young British Foodie Tent
The final look at Camp Bestival in the Young British Foodie Tent


The ground is warming, the spring flowers are bursting with radiant blues, pinks and white and bluebells are sweeping their way through all the ancient woods. It’s all so magical and great to feel the life bursting back after the winter. It seems like a long time since the last blog but naturally winter is a time for hibernation and now the Hedgerow team are busily preparing for the up and coming summer wonders of music, art, literature, fashion and food for it’s second season of festivals. The summer menu has blossomed along with the spring flowers here in Cornwall and seemed to pave the way for more mouth-watering flavour experiments, exploring new ways to enjoy them on a warm summer afternoon.

…the fresh fruit will change depending on the time of each festival but be sure that all fruit passing the Hedgerow seal of approval will be locally sourced, in season and very juicy!

A sneak preview of the summer menu

…this is the amount us Brits manage to use in take-away coffee cups per year!!

Todays blog has been prompted by the recent news article in the Guardian, highlighting issues of un-recycable waste from big chain coffee companies. The lack of sustainable ethos within these businesses is quite alarming especially due to the surge in new ways and ideas to be green, there must be better options available for the public to embrace.

So what are the options?

I first came across the ceramic travel mug whilst traveling in the States from a little shop on the Island of Maui in Hawaii – a wonderfully ergonomic design, this eco-friendly travel coffee mug is made from porcelain with a pop-on silicone lid. I’ve had mine for 4 months and still going strong. You can bring this mug to your favorite coffee shop to fill up instead of using disposable coffee containers and fits nicely in your car mug holder. On another note – easily washed and also it doesn’t get the old plastic smell after a while like its plastic predecessor, which is one of the main reasons for its success in my opinion. I have a fresh sky blue coloured mug that I bought at Earth&Water in Penryn for £7.99 – I also got a free coffee with it. You can’t argue with that!

With the ever growing market, it seems you can now get any shape, colour & graphic at a local store or online for a very small cost. The ease of unashamedly walking into a coffee shop and asking to fill it up with fresh coffee is wonderful! If you buy one of these mugs, based on the statistics (in a coffee lovers year) you will be saving almost a ton of disposable paper cups. So statistically speaking, definitely on the right path towards decreasing the waste of the average British consumer.

Hedgerow uses a company called Vegware for its disposables. Their products are all made from plants and are compostable, so they can turn back to soil in 12 weeks after being used. Even for a small business this option is affordable and highlights the ease of making small steps to becoming a more ecologically minded enterprise.
They even suggest that if they don’t make the product now, then they would be delighted to invent it. Vegware – we salute you!

My favourite product from Vegware is something we have been serving our breakfasts from at this years summer festivals. It’s a bowl made from bagasse – the waste fibre from pressing sugar cane. It holds frozen yoghurt without getting soggy or losing its shape. A brilliant use of otherwise useless waste.

I just hope that very soon, these big chain businesses in question will think more about the ridiculous amounts of waste they are creating and make it easier for their customers by promoting reusable or biodegradable.

Happy coffee drinking!




Damson & Elderberry frozen yoghurt visits the big smoke

As soon as End of the Road Festival had finished, Hedgerow’s little birds fluttered determinedly towards the bright lights of London to find Juicy Couture’s store in Mayfair to celebrate Vogue’s Fashion Night Out

At the London flagship store on Bruton Street, Johnny Borrell of London’s famed indie-pop band, Razorlight,  was a special guest DJ, Tali Lennox the up and coming model, and daughter of Annie Lennox was also there modeling for Juicy Couture’s fall fashion.

We had a super night and more photos to come!

We even got a cheeky mention in a fashion blog ‘Polka Dot‘.

Hedgerow is now officially in fashion.




This Saturday ‘Hedgerow Local’ will be found doing speciality Cornish drinks featuring our extra special Damson Vodka, Cornish Orchards Cider and of course the award winning Betty Stoggs. Also a new face to the scene will be ‘Harvest’ who are a locally based Cornish street food stand serving a specially devised Risotto to warm away the Autumnal winds.

Very excited to be a part of Gather which is in its first year and will hopefully be a regular on the Cornish festival calendar. This year it celebrates Resurgence magazines 45th birthday and 350.org day to move beyond fossil fuels. The whole day is simply about local produce, music, performance and participatory arts – gathering together to celebrate the Autumn equinox!

Great to see you all there so we can celebrate together!

Hedgerow x






click to go to the website

Where; Port Eliot, St. Germans     When; Thursday 21st July – Sunday 24th July

Frozen Yoghurt Flavours; Rose & Raspberry or Elderflower with optional honey or raspberry toppings… very refreshing as the weather WILL be glorious!

Here at Hedgerow, we’re really excited about our first Port Eliot festival this summer. We will be serving two wonderful frozen yoghurt flavours, sparkling elderflower drinks, a selection of teas and of course fresh coffee in the morning!

It is one of the UK’s most original and enticing festivals, offering a top mix of comedy, music, film, spoken word, food, dance and performance in the magical riverside setting of the Port Eliot Estate in Cornwall. See for yourselves below…

Hopefully see you down there.

The Fal River Festival was held in different locations around the River Fal from 27th May – 5th June and was all about celebrating life on the river. This fantastic 10 day festival is a not-for-profit community festival, which was Hedgerows first local festival…

Falmouth on a summers day

Hedgerow was found in Events Square in Falmouth for the Fish Festival, our stall was surrounded in beautiful local plants and trees to highlight the significance of our local produce and had a great spot in front of the cooking demonstrations. Rick Stein opened the event and talked about all the wonderful food we have here in Cornwall and how happy he was to live here. Yes Rick, so are we!

Borage flowers were in season so they were candied and they looked stunning.

On that bank holiday weekend we were serving up a mint & cucumber frozen yoghurt with a strawberry topping. The mint was sourced in Penryn from a very good friend who wanted me to rescue her garden from invasion. It grows well in Cornwall!

For those of you living in Cornwall, you would have probably noticed that elderflowers were growing in abundance this year and so we really wanted to make the most of them. Most of the elderflowers were sourced from Constantine and so we not only made a frozen yoghurt flavour but an elderflower cordial served with sparkling water made a guest appearance, which went down extremely well and managed to save the day as our new machines were experiencing ‘teething’ problems. Having the elderflowers on display too, it was great to see children making a connection with what they were drinking and the pretty flowers they were seeing before them!

Elderflowers from Goongillings farm in Constantine

All in all, an excellent start to the summer!

Little Hedgerow Helpers

After the huge success of the festivals and all the wonderful feedback, Hedgerow is now available to do ‘pop up’ frozen yoghurt for private events all round Cornwall. We can devise a menu specific to your event needs but can also come up with our own exciting seasonal selection. We use high quality, low fat, local yoghurt & create unique and delicious flavours. Please look through the flavours page for a quick sample of what we can do.

If you have a summer party or even a wedding happening this summer in Cornwall, then please get in contact.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Angela@ Hedgerow


Beetroot was on the sample menu today, I adore beetroot and always enjoyed it mixed with apple, walnuts and a creamy goats cheese crumbled on top. It was this combination with the apple and recent tastings of the orange & beetroot salad at Courtyard Deli in Falmouth that gave me a push to try it as a frozen yogurt flavour.

It has quite a naturally sweet taste, similar to carrot but more earthy. The colour was so dark before i mixed it up it could have been black but once the whites of the yoghurt came in, the colour was immense. I loved working with such a great colour and took great delight in mixing it up in my ‘ice-cream’ machine, which is grey… the ‘Hedgerow’ colours.

To finish, I very thinly sliced some apple wedges as I find the combination of the earthy/sweet beetroot and the sweet tangy kick of the apple works perfectly… next time I want to try the beetroot and apple together in the mix as I think this would be a great pairing.

Has anyone found a good match for beetroot? Let me know…

What’s growing this month?



Gooseberries go wonderfully with mint, so I started to look at other similar flavours that would pair up nicely and by chance found an excellent recipe for gooseberry and lemon verbena. wow! This may have a guest appearance at Port Eliot festival.

I’ll be experimenting like a nutty professor over the next few weeks as I am now the proud owner of a kitchen dedicated completely to Hedgerow! Things are moving forward and this means another step closer to selling in Cornwall. I’m having lots of interest from local cocktail bars and after Rock Oyster Festival in June I can safely suggested shot of flavoured spirit on top because I know first hand that it works a treat! I will let you know which stockists will be doing these…

Please feel free to comment on your thoughts on lemon verbena and gooseberry.

Any suggestions are welcome!