25 Billion coffee cups

…this is the amount us Brits manage to use in take-away coffee cups per year!!

Todays blog has been prompted by the recent news article in the Guardian, highlighting issues of un-recycable waste from big chain coffee companies. The lack of sustainable ethos within these businesses is quite alarming especially due to the surge in new ways and ideas to be green, there must be better options available for the public to embrace.

So what are the options?

I first came across the ceramic travel mug whilst traveling in the States from a little shop on the Island of Maui in Hawaii – a wonderfully ergonomic design, this eco-friendly travel coffee mug is made from porcelain with a pop-on silicone lid. I’ve had mine for 4 months and still going strong. You can bring this mug to your favorite coffee shop to fill up instead of using disposable coffee containers and fits nicely in your car mug holder. On another note – easily washed and also it doesn’t get the old plastic smell after a while like its plastic predecessor, which is one of the main reasons for its success in my opinion. I have a fresh sky blue coloured mug that I bought at Earth&Water in Penryn for £7.99 – I also got a free coffee with it. You can’t argue with that!

With the ever growing market, it seems you can now get any shape, colour & graphic at a local store or online for a very small cost. The ease of unashamedly walking into a coffee shop and asking to fill it up with fresh coffee is wonderful! If you buy one of these mugs, based on the statistics (in a coffee lovers year) you will be saving almost a ton of disposable paper cups. So statistically speaking, definitely on the right path towards decreasing the waste of the average British consumer.

Hedgerow uses a company called Vegware for its disposables. Their products are all made from plants and are compostable, so they can turn back to soil in 12 weeks after being used. Even for a small business this option is affordable and highlights the ease of making small steps to becoming a more ecologically minded enterprise.
They even suggest that if they don’t make the product now, then they would be delighted to invent it. Vegware – we salute you!

My favourite product from Vegware is something we have been serving our breakfasts from at this years summer festivals. It’s a bowl made from bagasse – the waste fibre from pressing sugar cane. It holds frozen yoghurt without getting soggy or losing its shape. A brilliant use of otherwise useless waste.

I just hope that very soon, these big chain businesses in question will think more about the ridiculous amounts of waste they are creating and make it easier for their customers by promoting reusable or biodegradable.

Happy coffee drinking!




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